Thursday, April 14, 2016

Moments Captured. History Animated.

Today's "ohmygod" find on the internet — this photo-based animation project fromAlexey Zakharov calledThe Old New World.

The Russian photographer and animator found photos of US cities from the 1900s and added sound and movement. For someone, such as myself, who romanticizes historical buildings and time periods, this is absolutely remarkable.

The animation was created using historical images from (who I highly recommend following on instagram).

The photographs themselves are beautiful. The cities look serene and prosperous, and unhindered by modern amenities like powerlines and traffic lights. The added movements are subtle, but they add a certain magic to the images. 

Having just been to DC and seeing the present-day area surrounding the capital building, I found that starkness of this scene stunning. 
There is something so much more realistic about these small animations, than any time period drama I've ever seen. Perhaps the beauty is just in knowing these places were real, and that these moments did happen. 

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