Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Flourishes for a Big Day

It may be snowing and sleeting out, but it is, in fact, April, which means brides everywhere are beginning to freak out. It's officially the start of wedding season..

I worked on a wedding last month, and I realized it was actually the first wedding I'd worked on in several years.
Post-college, there was an immediate wave of weddings, and I was constantly sorting through flowers, swirly fonts and sateen. But as it'd been awhile, I found great satisfaction in helping two people achieve their vision for the perfect day.

Wedding work provides opportunity for a hands-on project that could involve wonderful tactile materials — ribbon, screenprinting or shimmery paper. And for the exuberant, involved clients/couples, the whole process is part of their celebration. It's fantastic to be able to involve them in the creative process.

To see samples of past weddings I've worked on, check out

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