Friday, April 15, 2016

Who's Watching Over Detroit?

If you've been to Detroit lately, you may have notice a figure lurking on the buildings above you.
The orange men are part of the The Man in the City Project, which consists of 50+ sculptures positioned on rooftops throughout Detroit. Created by John Sauve in 2008, the orange man was originally exhibited on NYC's Highline, but has since made his way to Michigan. 
According to Sauve, The Man in the City Project is a metaphor for life that transforms the skyline and encourages people to look around. Sauve is hoping Detroiters will look up, and notice the city's amazing architecture and the stories that surrounds them.

While gaining recognition and spreading his men throughout Detroit, Sauve has also made a significant effort to connect student groups with art and the artistic process. He host workshops for kids to create their own miniature men.

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