Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Stroll in the Park(s)

I love that Riverside Park is my front yard. Park access is a major amenity, and I can't imagine living somewhere where I didn't see green. 

When I visit big cities, I'm often impressed with their incorporation of green space into urban living. Europe may love its piazzas and fountains but New York loves its parks—and I fell in love with them last week too: Bryant Park, Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, East River State Park and of course, Central Park. 
What's amazing about Central Park is how many hidden gems are in it. And I mean hidden. New York City may be easy to navigate, but the Central Park is a rambling menagerie. On my last morning in the city, I went in search of Wollman skating rink, a rink you often see in movies, and a rink that I had apparently walked near on several occasions without even noticing. Which is remarkable in and of it's self, but even more so because it has a carnival in it for the summer!

I went to Central Park on three occasions last week and I didn't come close to covering all of it. It's an architectural wonder that I will continue to admire.

Another NYC novelty is the High Linea public park built on the historic elevated rail line on Manhattan’s West Side. I wasn't expecting the High Line to be so beauitfully landscaped and maintained. It's absolutely gorgeous, and based on the foot traffic, it's wildly appreciated and enjoyed. 
(Image Ian Baan,

These parks are surreal bits of wonder and creative ingenuity amidst a city that moves at a constant and exhausting pace. It's a nice opportunity to catch your breath. 

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