Friday, July 27, 2012

Who You Gonna Call?

While I was in NYC I sought out the New York Public Library—Ghostbusters being my favorite movie and all, it seemed appropriate. 

I was so impressed by the building that I went back later in the week to have a tour. Which was fascinating, for instance: There are 88 miles of books in the stacks (2 floors above ground and 5 beneath). In the 1990s they ran out of shelf space and added another 50 miles under Bryant Park, adjacent to the library. And: The books in the stacks are arranged mainly according to size. (what?!?) 

But also going on at the library through February 2013, is an exhibit called Lunch Hour NYC. (Online Exhibit here). The beautifully curated exhibit looks at NYC historically through more than a century of lunches. 

Power lunches, school lunches, and the modern miracle—the AutomatAs times changed, so did the way we ate. A city obsessed with time, speed and efficiency, the lunch hour was constantly reinvented to accommodate the bustle of the city streets. 

Dissecting a culture and place in this fashion is an intriguing way to look at it's history (plus it's about food). If you'll be in NYC during the next 6 months I highly recommend checking it out. It's free and open to the public during regular library hours. Also, the library tours are free, and Mon-Sat 11 am and 2 pm, Sun 2 pm. 

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