Thursday, December 12, 2013

Window Shopping on 5th Ave.

One of the reasons that a trip to NYC at Christmas was so appealing to me, was the chance to see the holiday windows and decor on 5th Ave. Here's the run down of my three favorites.

Bergdorf Goodman Bergdorfs always has some of my favorite windows. Their windows are so special, they have their own section on the blog. The 2013 holiday series is stunning. Holidays on Ice celebrates a whole year of holidays, all in a glittery, white frozen landscape. The series was unveiled in a spectacular manner... complete with acrobats dangling from the 5th Avenue building, you can watching the reveal here. There's so much spectacular detail in these windows, you can't look at them enough and these (beautiful) photos don't do them justice!

Saks – According to legend, there's a Yeti living on the department store's rooftop, who makes snow in the winter. The series of Sak's windows tell the story of how the Yeti left Russia and came to NYC. The animated windows are spirited and adorable. And I sincerely hope there is a Yeti on the 9th floor, instead of Santa, who you can tell all your Christmas wishes to (i did not go upstairs to check...). Read more about how the windows were created here or order the storybook here
Tiffany's – Tiffany's small, modest windows were tasteful and effective. They also had transformed the side of their building into a NY apartment scene. They did a fabulous job of bringing window elements into the store, in cases and on the mirrored walls.
These windows were dazzling, not a total surprise. What was surprising, was the number of stores who didn't seem to do anything special or specific for the holiday at all. You're on Fifth Avenue!! Step it up, take advantage!

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