Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Surprises at the Airport

Looks like i should have gone to Calgary last weekend instead of New York City. Get ready for an amazing holiday surprise...
Canadian airline WestJet set up an electronic Santa chat stations in terminals allowing travelers to talk live with Santa telling him what they want for Christmas. Then, while passengers flew to their destination, WestJet shoppers ran out on a crazy spree. 

When the travelers arrived at baggage claim, big blue boxes with their names came down the ramp. Everything from underwear to big TVs were wrapped inside. It's a magical moment, as Christmas wishes are fullfilled. 

This is what Christmas should be about, generous surprises in lives of strangers. (Even if it is a fantastic marketing ploy to go viral on the internet). I applaud WestJet for celebrating the holiday in an original fashion.

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