Friday, November 8, 2013

Coloring History

Sanna Dullaway, a self-taught colorizer, has been colorizing famous photographs from history. As the photos make their way around the internet, they are receiving both praise and criticism. 

I appreciate the work, but understand how this may be seen as changing and tampering with history. 

The color adds such life and expression to the imagery, the realism is startling. But in some cases, it also changes the meaning and tone of the photograph. And for some iconic photographs, this may change how we see historic events. 

I can't imagine the skill and patience it takes to do this—to notice the subtle differences in skin tone and the wrinkles and shadows of fabric. 

I think these images are a delightful project and a thrill to look through, but that for historical record purposes, the originals must stay as is! It would be an inaccurate representation of the past if we were to go through archived imagery and photoshop out elements, such as cigarettes, and i think this falls into a similar category.  

But it's still impressive, and I am glad we get to see the photos like this! See more of Dullaway's work here and on this imgur site. 

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