Sunday, December 30, 2012

In your Satin Tights... Stop a War with Love

In the last 24 hours I have watched 13 hours of the original Wonder Woman. The complete Season 1. (seriously if I hear these lyrics one more time I may implode).

Now from a women's studies point of view, this show is a big cluster. Male fantasy disguised as women empowerment; A superlady in lingerie? With her own Clark Kent disguise that transfixes the lovestruck Steve Trevor? It's too bad all her powers lie in her accessories, and without them she's like any other (Amazon) woman.

But I digress... let's talk about amazing 1975 graphics! Now I know it's 2012, and I shouldn't judge.... but I just can't decide if the graphics make the show awesome or embarrassing. All I know, is that they make it great. Check out the how they overlapped animation and human elements together for they opening sequence.

But it's really the amazing spinning effects to transform Diana Prince into Wonder Woman that truly blow my mind (click to see the originals). A few episodes into the series they improved upon these drastically by adding impressive explosions. Incredible that she never drew attention to herself with a burst like that!
The show is really like a long-legged time capsule of technology and pop culture—oh, and a hatred of Nazi's. Like real strong hatred. 

Well go on Wonder Women, the World is waiting for you. (and your satin tights)

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