Friday, August 3, 2012

NYC: One Bite at a Time

It would be unlike me to rehash my travels and not mention food. So my last NYC post is going to do just that....

Immediately after landing, we biked (I don't think there's anything more 'Brooklyn' than biking) to East River State Park for Smorgasburg— an open-air food market along the waterfront. WIth over 50 vendors, the park was filled with an overwhelming abundance of food options. I started my vacay off right with a Bombay Sandwich and some Blue Bottle Coffee
We went to a similar food festival a few nights later, after we walked the High Line — Hester Nights is an extension of the at the Hester Street Fair in partnership with the Eventi Hotel
That evening I had a potato taco, tomato basil mac & cheese and some earth-shattering sea salt carmel gelato. Needlesstosay, I did not go hungry on this trip.
My greatest discovery was Arepas—a Venezuelan dish I went nuts over at Caracas on Grand Street in Brooklyn. An arepa is basically like an unleavened, fried cornmeal sandwich—which sounds unappealing, but holy hell, if I didn't just droll on my desk a little thinking about them. 
And lastly, for my last meal in NY, we went down to the Italian restaurant directly below Denise's apartment. Even though I'd been walking past it all week, Il Passatore was quite unexpected! I had cavatelli with mushrooms and goat cheese— I'd never had (or heard of) cavatelli before, and it was love at first bite!
I could spend a year eating my way through New York, but even then I doubt I'd make it through the cornucopia the city offers. It's amazing New Yorkers stay so slim—I personally had to leave, as, after a week, I was already having problems buttoning my pants!

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