Friday, August 3, 2012

Those are Hush Puppies?

You wouldn't believe how many times a week I hear "Those are Hush Puppies?" I think it's time America took another look at an old favorite.

Meet FIVE, a collaboration between Hush Puppies and Vibram, and a shoe that is definitely turning heads. Love it or hate it, It's not what you expect from your "grandma's shoe" company. These will arrive just before the holiday!

And for the ladies, the fall line has just reached the website, and the 1958 Collection is an absolute stand-out. Tyro and Postcard are particularly awesome. And take it from someone who's worn them,  Root, Basis and Essence are all quite fantastic too!
AND, as a bonus, for the month of August Hush Puppies is giving away a pair of shoes everyday! Visit the Facebook page to enter. And for every friend of yours that also Likes the page, you get an additional entry!

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