Monday, May 9, 2011

I've long been a fan of the Google Doodle,
but as an avid igoogle user I rarely actually visit the Google page.

That's why I'm thankful when people send me notes to check out the doodle on particularily spectacular days. Thanks everyone or I may have missed today's treasure honoring Roger Hargreaves on what would have been his 76th birthday.
Hargreaves is the creator of the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series for kids—a series I have loved since the mid-'80s when Arby's put Hargreaves figurines Happy Meals (um, best happy meal ever??? We ate a few, and I still have the collection—one of my oldest friends even put a pair on her wedding cake!). In my world, Mr. Men/Little Miss are up there with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and PacMan in terms of fabulous characters.
Today's Google Doodle, which changes on refresh, is second in brilliance only to the first-ever interactive doodle, Pacman, which was displayed on May 21st 2010 on Pacman's 30th anniversary. It was reported that 4.82 million hours, the equivilant of $120,483,800 in wages, was "wasted" that day. And I personally received 7 emails and 3 texts that day with people directing me to the Google site that day. (Thanks everyone, had I missed it, heads would've rolled!!)
Happy Birthday Mr. Hargreaves, and thanks for all the happy memories!

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  1. Mr. Messy was my favorite! Took me back to kindergarten :) I had a hunch you might post about it.