Monday, June 21, 2010

Giggling Down the Aisle

This past Memorial Day, one of my best good friends got married. She was a beautiful bride and I'm happy to announce, the term bridezilla did not apply. I didn't figure it would, which is why when she asked me to help her create her wedding invites last fall, I said "Of course!!" (with both exclamation points). And being the congenial bride that she was, when I asked if I could screen print her invites, she replied "Ok!!!" (the third exclamation point was implied).

I had never screen printed before, which meant that I had just promised something I wasn't entirely sure I could do. But it was almost Christmas time, and as I was behind on my Holiday correspondence, I had the perfect test subject.

With the successful test behind me, I moved forward with the wedding invitations.
I ended up hand-printing 270 sheets, each with two pieces per sheet. Having no means of drying them, my house became littered with printed swirls. (Which isn't a problem, until you throw in a curious cat.)

The bride paired the cards with envelopes from Wausau Astrobrights. As a fun surprise, on the RSVP envelopes she used The Simpsons stamps. And just to prove that she was a convivial bride, she took my (only half serious) suggestion and put Little Miss Giggles and Mr. Mischief
on top of the cake.

I wish the happy couple years of smiles and lots of cake.

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