Monday, December 7, 2015

Walking in a Lit Up Wonderland

It was back to Detroit this weekend for a quick holiday visit. And it was back to the zoo for Wild Lights — an event put on by the Detroit Zoo, where more than 5 million LED lights illuminate trees, buildings and animal sculptures throughout the Zoo. If you have kids, it's worth walking through to see their excitement and wonder over the lights. 

BUT, if you're an adult, there is a way to experience the same wonderment and awe. I'm not about to suggest you get wasted or drop acid— no, instead I'm going to advise you spend the $1 on the 3D Holiday Specs.

These glasses are magic. So simple, and yet amazing. They turn every point of light into a snowflake. Sounds cheesy, yes, but the effect is delightful. Especially in a scene of 5 million lights. We were one of the only groups I saw wearing the specs, and I'm sure we looked ridiculous, but we were also experiencing a whole different evening than the rest of the guests. 

(click images to enlarge)
The glasses are a product of 3D Marketing — who sources 3D glasses for a variety of uses and occasions. Personally, I have never seen anything like this, and I was fascinated by it. It made the night very memorable and spontaneously fun. The drive home was especially exciting and trippy (I was a passenger.... not driving!). I plan to store my glasses in the car so my passengers can experience the same joy!

The wheels are already turning on potential opportunities to use this gimmick at future events!

Wild Lights continues on December 11-13, 18-23 and 26-31 from 5:30 to 9:00. We arrived at 7:30 and the freeway was backed up at the Woodward Zoo entrance. The line for tickets was also extremely long, but it moved very fast. Tickets are $11 at the gate ($9 online in advance)  — plus $1 for the glasses!!!

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