Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

We took a quick excursion to Frankenmuth today. And to be honest, I somewhat expected the town to be completely over-the-top with holiday decorations. But it really only seemed slightly more Christma-fied than it did during our July trip. And the crowds actually seemed down—shocking for a 50 degree December day.
Two weeks before Christmas, I anticipated Bronner's (CHRISTmas Wonderland) would be chaos, but I was shocked (and pleased) to find it wasn't bad at all—aside from a long line for Santa. We spent a remarkably long time reviewing the acres of ornaments. For two people who never put up Christmas trees, we were quite enthralled.

If you recall from my July post, on my last Bronner's visit, I went gaga over the S'more Ornaments. So what were my favorite ornaments today? The space themed ornaments really struck me as neat conceptionally.
Along with a set that I continued to refer to as the Peacock Palette. I daresay the turquoise tree must be trending!

With such mild temperatures and the lack of snow, it's hard to remember Christmas is just weeks away. But it seems I enjoy looking at ornaments regardless of the season. Perhaps I'll even get inspired to have a tree of my own some day!

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