Monday, July 20, 2015

Sugar Coated Christmas (in July)

This weekend's trip across the state, included a stop in Frankenmuth – Home of Bronner's – "World's Largest Christmas Store." 

It was here that I fell in love with this little s'more man.
We were about to go camping, we were at a giant Christmas store— this seemed like the perfect embodiment of the weekend ahead!

I turned the corner, to discover a whole army of s'more men! From skiers to fisherman, bakers to ballerinas. They were adorable, and boy, did they know it!

I was completely smitten with the talking s'mores. I'm wonder if I'm having a subconscious reaction based on my love of the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen

There's something about marshmallows that immediately sends me to a happy place. Sugar. That you can roast over a fire. 

And clearly this is what Christmas is about. Sugar. With a sense of humor. 

I don't put up a Christmas tree, but someday. Someday I will have my own army.

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