Sunday, December 20, 2015

Defient Jewelry with a Purpose

Rebel Nell is a "defiant" jewelry company who strives to employ, educate and empower disadvantaged women in Detroit, with the goal of transitioning them to an independent life. They work with local homeless shelters to identify women who are ready transition to a new phase in their lives. 

The design process starts with an abundant local resource in Detroit – graffiti. The graffiti is collected after it falls off walls. The graffiti falls due to the weight of layers, or as a result of mother nature. The artists never pulls paint from the walls.
The rough scraps are then processed and polished to reveal beautiful layers of color. These beautiful remnants are then repurposed into jewelry.

It's a beautiful project, with a admirable mission, and gorgeous results. Check out their work at or follow them on Instagram.

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