Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dancing Donald Continues to Make Headlines

Typically news sources don't report on individual's Christmas cards.

But when your card features the bloated head of a somewhat loathed presidential candidate, apparently it's news.  

The Lynn Family Christmas card, which depicts our humble hero Donald Trump* in all his egotistical glory, caught the eye of mLive. Apparently it's unusual for the Democratic Chairperson to send out greetings quoting the Republican party.
This isn't the first time a Lynn holiday greeting has made headlines. Back in 2012, their Occupy 2012 card** made it into the Detroit Lake Tribune in Minnesota who credited them for being ordinary citizens trumpeting a love for their country. 
I'm not sure I'd call Frank + Jenny ordinary, and I'm not sure the Trump Card showed the same "love and support [of] their homeland", but it sure poked fun of the big headed goon currently leading the GOP. And perhaps bringing down Donald is the best way to support this country, because... if.... well... God help us all. 

Vote smart people. And have a very humble holiday. 

*the Dancing Donald card is a fivefeettall creation. 
**Also a fivefeettall creation

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