Monday, November 30, 2015

Rambutans: A Friendly Fruit

Somebody, some place, was probably real hungry the first time they picked up a rambutan with the intention of eating it. With spiky, leathery skin, it's not the most inviting fruit. But its flavor is sweet, light and refreshing – totally worth the effort.

The rambutan grows on a medium-sized tropical fruit true. Closely related to the lychee, it is grown throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

To eat the rambutan, you peel back its spiky skin (I used a knife tip to puncture it). Once started, it actually peels easier than a hard boiled egg. 
The rambutan is very juicy, with a slimy texture (like a naked grape!). I think it tastes like passion fruit or lychee – somewhat reminiscent of a gummie bear.  My only complaint about the rambutan is the pit inside, which makes eating them a little tricky (and it takes up quite a bit of volume of the actual fruit)

So next time you're feeling brave in the produce aisle, know that this hairy little guy is friend, not foe!

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