Friday, November 20, 2015

It's a Stamp Love Fest

I'm fairly certain Christmas keeps the Post Office operational for the year. Snoopy and his friends will adorn thousands, could it be millions(?), of Christmas envelopes this year. But as everyone is gearing up to buy their first stamps of the year, I'm still cherishing many of my 2015 favorites.
This summer it was the Summer Harvest Collection. As the product of a produce family, I have a soft spot for seed packets and fruit crates. This set is very nostaligic for me, and they look stunning on envelopes!

Martin Ramírez is an artist I'd never heard of. It wasn't until after his death that Ramírez received any notoriety. He spent most of his life in a psychiatric hospital, but his drawings have a modern and intriguing hypnotic quality.
I love this $1 stamp for it's optical illusion qualities. But it's actually called the Patriotic Wave, and comes in both $1 and $2 complimenting patterns. It was designed to be emblematic of a billowing flag, and to appear patriotic when placed on an envelope. 
The Forever Stamp in vintage Rose (forever) and vintage Tulip (70 cents) were created as a symbol of love, perfect for use on wedding correspondence. I love the Black and White detailing mixed with the simple red heart. Also, the paper has a touch of pearlescence and the black ink has a raised embossed quality. It's minimal yet stunning. 

So my love affair with stamps continues. I habitually visit the post office to mail a single package, and leave with a purse full of postage. So this holiday season, remember to be kind to your postal workers!

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