Monday, November 16, 2015

Curating a Classic

Another conference season come and gone, with yet another Wolverine Brand. 

I've spent the last few months preparing to reveal the Autumn/Winter 2016 line and marketing materials with the Sebago brand.

Sebago is known for their Docksides, but the brand is so much more than an iconic pair of boat shoes. It stands for heritage and craftsmanship, and has a history of handsewn shoes goes back 70 years to Sebago Lake in Maine.

Much attention is paid to the integrity of the leathers, and the brand is known for their quality materials, and genuine welted construction. 
The brand tagline, "Life Well Crafted" speaks to a deep respect for craft, and living a life full of well-crafted items, but also well-crafted moments. The upcoming Autumn/Winter '16 season, will introduce a new campaign, focusing on best friends, best places and best moments.

Shot on Sebago Lake, the campaign will bring a new energy to the brand while staying true to it's roots. I'm eager to build off of this campaign, and use the seasonal assets to represent the brand in a new way. And I think the consumers are really going to like the shoes — hoping to see it all come together for Sebago in the upcoming year!

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