Sunday, July 5, 2015

Growing Chairs

Arborsculpting involves the shaping of living and growing trees and plants into sculpted works of art.

In Derbyshire, England, furniture designer Gavin Munro has a 2.5 acre furniture forest, currently growing 3,000 chairs. Munro manipulates the growing patterns of plants by pruning branches and training them to grow along pre-made forms.
It will take 4-8 years to craft his furniture. Even after a plant reaches it's form, it needs time to mature so the branches thicken and become sturdy. Munro began growing in 2011, and the first pieces should be ready for sale next year.
This is a project of passion and patience. But there is an intrinsic, organic appeal of grown furniture  — Check out the Full Grown project, learn more about Munro and pre-order a chair here.

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