Friday, July 3, 2015

Feeling Zen in Grand Rapids

The much anticipated Japanese Garden addition to Frederik Meijer Gardens opened in June. The 8-acre space surrounds two ponds and is rather tranquil and serene. 

The space give the gardens an international upgrade. Planned by landscape desginer, Hoichi Kurisu, it includes a tea house, zen garden, bonsai garden, waterfalls, and fine art sculpture. 

Rocks, water and plants are essential elements in a Japanese style garden. FMG includes plants native to both Japan and Michigan. What matters most is the  manner in which the plants are planted, pruned, maintained, and sculpted. The plants here need time to mature, but have the potential to be a botanical wonder.

"The sacred lotus flower represents spiritual growth, enlightenment and purity of body, speech, and mind. The flower emerges clear and bright into the warmth and light of the sun, like an awakened mind grows naturally towards the warmth and light of truth, love and compassion. The strong but flexible plant keeps the lotus flower ‘anchored’ but clear above the muddy waters that symbolize impure attachment, craving and ignorance." Source

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