Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meeting Anna, All Over Town

After Anna's House was voted best breakfast by both the public and the mLive reporters in 2013, I knew had to go check this unassuming restaurant on Plainfield.
It seemed pretty basic—hearty breakfast favorites in a crowded cafe setting. And per GR brunch style, there was a wait to be seated.

But after the article came out, I started paying attention to what were subtle changes at first – like updated signage with a bit of marketing attached.
The changes soon progressed to a complete redesign. New branding, new design, new style, new colors, and even an evolved menu.

In 2014, a second location was opened on East Beltline near 28th Street at the mall. It's a full-fledged retro inspired diner with a vintage twist on decor. Lots of vintage malt makers, toasters and blenders. And a menu featuring fresh ingredients and special attention to dietary needs. 
Just last month, a third location opened in Grandville  near Rivertown Crossings (complete with soda fountain). Which leads me to believe that breakfast is booming!
I don't know what has been the driving force behind the changes. Maybe a generational change in ownership, maybe growing popularity after the polls led to re-development. But I think it's safe to say that a facelift and design update make a huge difference. People seem quite taken with Anna, and now when they talk about meeting for breakfast, they talk about meeting at Anna's. It's the hottest new spot(s) — which means expect to wait — though people really don't seem to mind!

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