Sunday, April 12, 2015

Moving In: New Orleans

I'm only a little bit tech savvy. I'm right on the edge of Old School and Millennial. So when I traveled to New Orleans last week, it was the first time I tried airbnb. Airbnb is a website that allows individuals to rent out lodging, be it an apartment, a whole house, or an airstream trailer.  
The house we stayed in the Bywater was an 87-foot shotgun house from 1897. If you're unfamiliar with shotgun houses, it's when rooms connect to one another in a long row, so you have to travel through one to get to the next—a straight shot from front to back. It's a very common style throughout New Orleans. 
 The house was fantastic. It was so spacious and unique, and so very specific to New Orleans. Being in a neighborhood made it feel like we were living in the city rather than just visiting it. We got to know the streets around our house very well.

The house itself had so much charm — vintage kitchen appliances from the 30s/40s (functional), plants and orchids in every room, 3 fireplaces (non-functional), ridiculously high ceilings, original paintings by the homeowner, and great patio furniture and gardens. Every room had appeal.
While my roomies showered and readied, I spent my mornings on the porch reading my book and basking in the sunshine. And saying hello to all the passerbys—because New Orleans is a crazy friendly city. 
In this transaction we only saw the host when we picked up the keys, but we were able to text her to ask questions about the city throughout the week. This process is different in every airbnb scenario, sometimes you even stay on the property with the owners, more like a bed + breakfast situation. 

Having tried it once, I will definitely do airbnb again, and recommend it to others (as I'm doing here). Marriotts are the same wherever you go, but you can only stay at a house like this in New Orleans!

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