Monday, February 16, 2015

Burger of the Week #200

Week #200... another milestone for BOTW... For Burger #100, I went to Graydon's Crossing and had a grass fed hamburger (this is a big deal since I'm a vegetarian...)

I wanted to do something different for #200, so I had my friend Matt make me a burger using pre-approved beef from Montello Meat Market at the Downtown Market.

Matt hand-ground the meat and made simple patties with just salt and olive oil as seasoning. He fried them (breifly) on a cast iron skillet and served them with Shed's BBQ, Kraft Cheddar singles and sautéed onions.
I couldn't eat this burger fast enough. It was unbelievable. Cooked fully through, with a seared outside and juicy middle, it has me seriously questioning my vegetarian status. Now that is some serious beef. 
So if you're looking to invest in a small burger joint let me know and I'll hook you up with a master chef!


  1. You should be questioning your vegetarian status.... 'cause if you eat meat, you're not *actually* a vegetarian.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      I eat a hamburger every 100 weeks for this blog. And I always make sure its meat that I "approve" of. I'm not opposed to eating meat in general, I'm opposed to mass-produced factory meat.

    2. But then you're a flexitarian.

    3. Fine, if you're more comfortable with that term, I'm a flexitarian... once every 2 years. I liken it to someone being a Christian. They may believe in the Bible, but I'm sure there's some aspects they've chosen to adapt and/or some moments where they've "stepped away". Consider this burger my sin.