Sunday, March 10, 2013

Burger of the Week #100

So seeing as I was at my 100th Burger of the Week.... I did something a bit EXTREME. 
I celebrated my love of burgers, by actually eating a burger. Beef and all. It was a grass-fed burger from Graydon's Crossing, on a locally-sourced organic bun.

It had been quite awhile since I'd been to Graydon's, which in the past has been one of my favorite pubs. They've changed their menu quite a bit, adding many vegan and veggie options, and emphasizing healthy, locally produced ingredients. But veggie is not where I was headed this evening.

And since I was breaking 3 years of vegetarianism, I figured might as well break Lent too (apparently people keep telling me there's a Sunday Lent loophole anyway) and I also enjoyed some delicious Michigan hand cut fries. 

Now this isn't a sign that I'm back on the meat. One time experiment. I feel fine, it tasty good. (I believe my first words, "oh that's good.")  But no real urge to BBQ a steak or anything like that!!

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