Monday, October 6, 2014

Gardening Indoors

Now that Fall is upon us, I'm packing the garden in and gearing up for a long winter without from my yard's bountiful blooms. To bring a little (low maintenance) life into the house, I've picked up some tiny terrariums from Bird and Feather.

The glass bobble terrariums contain stones, (non-living) moss and air plants. Air plants need very little water, and are maintained by dunking the whole plant under water every few days. They have little to no roots, and simply sit on top of the stones.

I initially planned to hang the planters, but after going through the process of installing hooks, I thought they were hard to seen when hung and I liked them as a focal point and a centerpiece better. Chances are, these green guys will make their way around the house, bringing life to different rooms during different seasons. 

Bird and Feather is run by a sweet couple right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Quite often they can be found at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market on the weekends. Otherwise, their plants can also be picked up at Have Company on Division. 

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