Sunday, July 13, 2014

Usonian Neighbors

Just down the road from Fallingwater is another Frank Lloyd Wright project, Kentuck Knob, and thus our roadtrip became a FLLW twofer. 

The residence of dairy farmers the I.N. and Bernadine Hagen is situated on the ridge of the Allgeheny Mountains and offers simultaneous views of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. 

The Hagan's were friends of the Kaufmans and admired Fallingwater so much that they asked Wright to build them their own place. However, Wright was so occupied with other projects, that he couldn't be bothered to visit the site until the foundation was being poured, the entire house was drawn based on photographs of the property.
The Usonian house is built around the concept of a central core, and is designed around a fixed hexagon, which houses the kitchen and main heating for the home. Hexagons rule the home, there are only to 90 degree angles in the building, and they are both in bathrooms.

The home is built into the side of a hill, causing little intrusion into its natural surroundings—the copper roof and sandstone, blending in to the environment.
Frank Lloyd Wright's signature block in Cherokee red cost the Hagan's an additional $1000.

To even the untrained FLLW eye, Kentuck Knob is clearly a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. However, walking through it, it is obvious this home was not an OCD obsession for Wright, as there are little glitches and nuances that he never would have allowed had he been  on-site. 

Despite this, I like the casual nature of the home with its open floorplan and porch lining the whole backside. Seems Frank does good, even when he's not really trying.

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