Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Collecting Trips

I'm growing my collection....

As I begin the travel book for my most recent trip (Ireland), I've finally finished the book for my first trip, Outer Banks, North Carolina, circa 2006.

This was a different project, instead of having 1500 pictures to shuffle through, I only had about 350. And the cameras we had then were of a slightly lower megapixel quality. But I was still able to turn them into a scenic, image-based book, with few resolution issues.
Per usual, I printed this book via Blurb with a full-color image wrap cover with 120 pages of beach grass, waves and sunsets. And per usual, I'm thrilled with the printing, paper and color output.
It was really fun reliving a trip from so long ago (and seeing the pics of us looking so young!). All the trips we've been on— OBX will always be a classic.

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