Friday, May 23, 2014

A look at Spain... as we Countdown to Ireland...

As I sit mere HOURS from my departure for Ireland, it's fun to reflect back on past trips in anticipation of the ones to come. 

I very, very recently (finally) finished my Spain book for my 2011 trip abroad. This was my biggest book yet, 178 pages, printed on Blurb (per usual). I love the print quality of Blurb pieces and have had amazing assistance from their customer service staff.This is an 11 x 8, hardcover, image wrap book.
The hardest part of making these books is sorting through the thousands of picture my friends and I take when we travel. I also have a tendency to get obsessive about writing descriptions for what we saw, making it a very thorough guidebook of our trip. I usually learn more about the place I've just been, once I'm back and working on the book, than I do when I'm there! 

Can't wait to build my travel book collection. Next up... Ireland.... 16 hours to go! 


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