Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Paper Queen

Mother of the year award goes to Angie [@2sisters_angie] for her encouragement of [the nothing short of fabulous] Mayhem—her 4-year-old daughter, who seems to have an eye for fashion.

Over 9 months ago, mother and daughter began designing gowns from paper, which Angie uploads to her instagram feed. Looking back over the stills, the styles are vast, breathtaking, creative and just plain fun. Look out world, that is one well-dressed 4-year-old!

Designs started out relatively simple, and rapidly began evolving, still using mainly only paper and tape. Mayhem and her mommy often draw inspiration from the runway and red carpet. I can't get enough of these beautiful, colorful dresses and their sassy little model.

See many more designs, and read comments from Angie on Huff Post.

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  1. Our favorite 4-year-old fashionista had a lot of fun recreating last weeks Oscar gowns. ( Check them out: