Saturday, February 15, 2014

Breakfast Pints

Here's a delicious, convenient breakfast snack for the working girl (which I sometimes am). From The Yummy Life it's a fairly ingenious overnight, no-cook refrigerator oatmeal.

Basically it's a smorgasbord of opportunities. You start with greek yogurt, milk and oatmeal (I leave out the chia seeds since i'm not seeking out extra protein and fuel) and then add in a variety of flavors. 
Initially the Yummy gave us 6 flavors to try:
– Mango Almond
– Blueberry Maple
– Apple Cinnamon
– Banana Cocoa
– Banana Peanut Butter
– Raspberry Vanilla

But later 8 new flavor combinations were added:
–  Pineapple Coconut
– Mandarin Orange
– Cherry Garcia
– Peach Melba
– Pumpkin Pie
– Cranberry Pecan
– Apricot Ginger
– Mocha

This week I tried Blackberry VanillaApple Cinnamon , and the Peach Melba. Leaving it sit just overnight has worked for me everytime. And I like working with the jam and vanilla the best. But really it's just such an easy grab-n-go breakfast, I see endless possibilities here. 

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