Sunday, February 16, 2014

Art on Drugs

I'm going to say that I find this fascinating, but I hesitate to recommend this....

Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders decided to take a different drug every day for a few weeks and draw a self portrait while under the influence of each substance.
The results are staggering. I'm stunned by not only the different styles but the different mediums, techniques and skill level that came forth during this experiment. 

For starters, i think this would be incredibly challenging and difficult on the body doing this Every Day and allowing no recovery time in between. It seems like the risk for disaster would increase with every drug you took, and Lewis came up with a lot to try...

I also feel like he must have a handler for some of these instances. Someone to remind him that he's supposed to draw a self portrait. One would think you'd forget what you're meant to be doing once you get high!

Here's just a few samples but you can see many, many more here.
(Oxycodene shown above).

Cough Syrup, Abilify, Xanax >
PCP, Ritalin, Mushrooms >

I'm curious to know what Bryan thinks of these drugs after trying so many of them and seeing the often insane impact they had upon his work. 

So the question is, is Bryan Lewis justifiably committed to his work? Or should he just be committed? 

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