Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dressed in Transparency

The most intriguing piece I saw at ArtPrize wasn't so intriguing until second passing. In a small photography studio on Division hung 12 sheer dresses. At first I just thought they were pretty/interesting dresses, but once the artist, Clare Murray Adams, handed me the "key" I was enthralled.
"In Her Closet" is an installation of twelve organza dresses addressing the transparency of one's identity; characteristics of the human condition that one might not think are obvious but are usually readily apparent to others. Grounded. Guarded. Wounded. Fragile. 1-Dimensional. 

The sheer fabric reveals the physical structure of the dress, as well as the emotional structure of a person. "In Her Closet" refers to personal attributes one might often try to hide.

The nature of the hanging dresses allowed you to walk amongst them and interact with these feelings. It was an encompassing and moving departure from the crowded streets outside. 

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