Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Living in History

Just north of Chicago, Illinois sits historic Fort Sheridan, Illinois— a very striking and unusual residential community on the shore of Lake Michigan. 

Fort Sheridan was originally developed as a US Army installation in the late 1890’s. Consisting of 94 contributing historic buildings on 640 acres of prime lakefront property, it was designated as a US historic landmark property in the 1980’s.
After the Army moved out in 1993, the historic building were restored to their original grandeur and adapted for modern living.

On my most recent visit to Chicago, I was driven through the community, and was struck by the heritage still present on the grounds. It beautifully 
blends tradition and modern amenities into a completely relevant and idyllic neighborhood. 
Restored officers’ mansions have become single family homes as well as townhouses/duplexes; and stables and soldiers’ barracks have been converted to stately condos.

These buildings are some of the most unique housing opportunities I've ever seen. They are all built to be architecturally similar, brownstone-like, building styles. And they all overlook 54 acres of Parade Grounds where no building structures can ever be built (by specific agreement with the US Government to develop the decommissioned army fort for private use). 

So if you feel like living in the past (but don't want to give up your modern amenities) check out the available properties at Fort Sheridan!

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