Saturday, August 31, 2013

This Old Lunch

I love antiquing. And I'm going to say this right here, right now, I loved antiquing before vintage chic was a design trend. I was probably the only 16-year-old (in a '90s world) that thought old Nehi bottles made cool vases.

One of my very first antique purchases was from an amazing antique mall in Bay City, Michigan. It was a tin Muppets lunchbox (with Animal on the back) from 1979. I still have it. In college I used it to carry my drawing supplies too and from the studio, and not so long ago, I used it to carry my lunch to work.

You can actually see it in this fun little vimeo from Cool HuntingThe World's Largest Lunchbox Museum. (close-up at 2:41).

I love all these metal lunchboxes. I think my first lunch pail was a pink plastic box with a Minnie Mouse sticker on it. I found it interesting that metal lunchboxes were eliminated because were using them as weapons, one would think plastic could do similar physical damage!!
Anyway, take a little look at the video and see if you can spot any that strike up memories!

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