Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Ink Done

So I was browsing these Geometric Tattoo Designs—a lot of which i think are fairly interesting, and I was quite taken with the clean use of clean black and white.
And I was suddenly struck with a thought.... Spirograph tattoos!? Certainly this has been a thing. I turned to Google.

If you're not familiar with Spirographs they are a geometrical drawings of symmetrical curve patterns. And i was right in assuming they'd make lovely tattoos. It most definitely is a thing in the tattoo world, perhaps not quite up to I [heart] mom standards but a thing nonetheless. I think this pattern would be intriguing on a joint, say like a shoulder or an elbow. 
All that said, I am also quite taken with several of the lace tattoo designs you can see on this Tattoo Inspiration Pinterest board (much more so by the lace than all the butterflies!). The intricacy of the pattern detailing is so delicate and beautiful, it makes a tattoo suddenly seem much more feminine. 
And no mom, I'm not currently planning my next tattoo. Just admiring. 


  1. hey you know what means the 5th tattoo?

    1. I don't. I assumed it was just a lovely spirograph, aesthetically pleasing. But if you know of another meaning it has I'd be interested to know!