Monday, April 1, 2013

Awkward, Bad & Wonderful

As a USPS supporter, I'm pro-postcard; and as an avid-antiquer, I can spend hours browsing  random boxes of the 4x6 artifacts. I love seeing how cities used to look and what lifestyle was idealized. 

But Dave Murray over at mLive has taken a different perspective, with his column, Bad Postcard of the Week. As Murray says, "Nice places can still have gloriously awful postcards." And he's not wrong. Murray, along his readers have found some doozies. Here's some major winners:

Romantic Lover's Lane in Kalamazoo

Harry S Truman once plowed the land where this mall now stands. 

This lovely motel in Kentucky has carpet and showers. 

I enjoy the idea of sharing "wonderfully dull or otherwise awful postcards". I've seen many in my browsing, and I imagine in the future I'll be contributing to Murray's column. If you come across an postcard fail worth sharing, scan it and email it to Murray at

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