Saturday, February 2, 2013

For the Crazies who like Snow

I just finished snow blowing the driveway for the first time this season. And while I admit, the view was momentarily beautiful this morning... I'm so over snow!

But that is not the case for Simon Beck! Originally an orienteering mapmaker, the 54-year-old from Southern England began taking long walks when an injury left him incapable of running. He began walking in precise geometric patterns, growing so attached to his artistic, oversized, snow crop circles he moved to France chalet in 2004. 
He maps his designs on paper before heading out on foot. Each design takes around 10 hours of walking in snowshoes—over frozen lakes and football fields. 

One wonders, with such precision and dedication what happens when you're struck with additional snowfall midway through a design? I know how infuriating it is when a snowplow tumbles by immediately after i clear the driveway entrance! For Simon Beck, ideal trampling conditions involve a heavy snowfall with 6 days of fine cold weather before the next snowfall. This gives him time to make design, photograph it and then reuse a location. 

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