Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let them Bake Cakes

In effort to improve my sewing skills, I did a little handmade giving this holiday season. I decided to purchase a pattern, and interpret it—without the guidance and sewing wisdom of my mother!

So, to incorporate my love of cooking and desserts, with an full-hearted attempt at sewing, I found this awesome Hot Cakes Oven Mitt Pattern from UnderCoverQuilts on Etsy

It was a great choice for a first attempt. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the steps were not overly complicated, and the piece was overall easy to assemble and replicate in assembly line fashion. 
In all, I made over a dozen cupcake potholders, the first three being practice before I was willing to gift them! Several went to coworkers, family and friends while others were paired with hand-painted wooden spoons for "themed" gifts. And as it turns out, they are transitioning seasons nicely, and I'm continuing to produce them for sweet Valentine's day gifts. 

I consider this a successful attempt at taking my sewing skills to the next level. And I'm eager to find an opportunity soon to step it up a little more with another sewing project!

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