Sunday, November 4, 2012

Socks for your Head

Now I don't normally talk about fashion (unless it's shoe specific) but a girl at work had the most adorable hairdo the other day and when questioned about it, she eventually revealed that there was a sock inside it.*

My curiosity was piqued— I had to find out how she hid a sock in her hair. So I turned to YouTube, where I discovered Wendy and her lookbook.

As it turns out, Wendy Nguyen herself is quite an admirable individual, fashion-sense aside. She grew up in foster care, until she emancipated from the system and went to University of California, Berkeley where she studied Psychology. She currently lives in LA, and volunteers at InsideOutWriters, a non-profit organization that provides mentorship to previously incarcerated youths.

Well done, Wendy. But back to the lookbook. What immediate struck me about WLB was the quality of her videos. This is not a home webcam DIY operation.** The tutorials are polished and professional from her fall fashion intro to the Fashion is Courage piece to this bit of scarf porn:
But my favorite bits range from fast-forward giggles to brain-dead moments—the little things that weren't edited out that make these videos appealing.

Oh, and about that sock bun. I haven't quite mastered it, but Wendy can give you a hand:
*This was a mistake as it lead to merciless teasing—not from me of course.
**Obviously! since  her intro is shot in three different countries. I'm dying to know how she funds this! Simply in advertising dollars?

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