Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Changing Corporate & Personal Identities

In these email crazed days, there isn't often an occasion where I find the need to actually run a piece of letterhead through the printer. But there is no simpler example of design functionality over form, and I love to see letterhead done right!

Originally made popular during the advent of Industrial design and the invention of the printing press, letterhead allowed people and business to create an identity for themselves—letting people know who they are and what they do.

Notable and historic letterhead samples can be found on Now I scrolled down this page for quite some time, wondering when, or even, if it had an end. Using the archives is actually an easier way to browse. (December 2009 is where it begins, to ease your curiosity). But take a look—there is hundreds of amazing corporate and celebrity highlights. If they were arranged chronologically, it would be an incredible spanse of identity design history.

The whimsy of Warhol next to the modernism of Paul Rand
Dr. Seuss meets the Muppets
Calvin and Hobbes colliding with Nikola Tesla
Beautiful roofs that endure against Paranormal Activity

If you're interested in little more insight on the Evolution of Letterhead Design you can get it from inspirationfeed here.

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