Sunday, September 23, 2012

September: In Full Bloom

2012 is going to go down as the hottest summer on record—nationwide. But the hot summer seems to be behind us now, and the first thing I did when I realized Fall was upon us was head to Fruitbasket Flowerland to pick up 2 new sets of their sub-zero pansies. 

They immediately went into my south-facing window boxes, cheering up the whole Façade. I was delighted. So what's my obsession with sub-zero pansies?

Well I planted them last October, with little faith that they'd winter over as promised. But Christmas Eve they were still blooming.

And after a short January nap, they were back going strong by March. Here they are in purple glory on March 22nd. 
They held their own until the end of July, when, after I returned from vacation, they were looking pretty parched. By the end of August, the record heat had them pretty much sizzled. But now that temperatures are falling, I've filled the baskets up with some purple and yellow blooms, with high expectations of a repeat MVP performance!

The only place i've seen this breed of pansies is at Fruitbasket. Go get some—consider this my green thumb approval!

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