Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Art. Take 4.

The fourth year of ArtPrize kicked off tonight and after a lackluster year three, my hope is renewed (albeit expectations somewhat mellowed) for 2012.

From what I can tell, the rules haven't changed much from last year, when the top ten proved to be somewhat controversial. ArtPrize has responded to the criticism by lengthening Round 1 and adding additional juried prizes, including a $100,000 Juried Grand Prize, on par with the world’s major juried art competitions. If the public and the jury agree, a single winner could take home up to $320,000.

We spent the first night of voting wandering around Site:Lab at the Old Public Museum. I love this space—I loved it when they reopened it in 2010 for Land of Riches. And I found tonight that I still get a kick out of reminiscing about 5th grade field trips through these same exhibits. 
But before voting officially started, I was lucky enough to make it to the UICA's second annual Odd Ball last night—and alien chic event with non-traditional entertainment...and guests. And while the event wasn't quite as outrageous as one would anticipate, it was nice to be one of the early few to see the UICA's extended gallery space and terrace, and get a sneak peek at their "Somewhere Else" 2012 ArtPrize exhibition
So we have 10 days people. Time to get out there—go places you don't normally go, and [undoubtedly] see things you don't normally get to see. I fully encourage you to get off the beaten track–I guarantee it will be more interesting. Vote on!

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