Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lay off my Monkey!

I love sock monkeys. Always have. Over the past few years I've patiently shared my love of sock monkeys with the population at large, knowing that the mass public's interest would fade and the trend would pass.

But this Halloween, Target has chosen to cheapen my love of monkeys* by offering costumes for the whole modern sock monkey family— we have daddy monkey, monkey mistress, cute little baby monkey, and spoiled brat monkey.**

Seriously? How pervy does daddy monkey look standing next to his baby momma/teenage daughter? 

Target, I beg you, please go back to profitting off of Harry Potter and his wizarding wands and leave my precious monkeys alone!

*I initially typed monkey-love here but then realized that was wrong, very wrong, and luckily corrected myself before publishing this post. However, I was entertained enough by the typo that I am divulging that secret with you anyhow.

**There's also a not-so-cute Zombie variation, because the best way to make a quick and disturbed dollar is to merge to trends together.

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