Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art and Patience

One of the wonderful aspects of ArtPrize is it's duration. By spanning several weeks, it becomes a presence that you can interact with and explore in different ways. There's time to absorb, revisit, and reinterpret. Time to stop rushing and enjoy. 

I was back up at Site:Lab Thursday evening to visit the Not Design space, and actually participate in a print-making workshop. 

Not Design is a collaborative studio focusing on solving problems in unconventional ways. As they say, "We design but we are not about design. It is something more."

By identifying needs and filling them, Not Design endeavors "to leave the classroom, to meet individuals on a common ground, and to engage non-design issues through design thinking." The goal is to engage with people and to create responsible communication within the community. Think, Not Design

It was a very hands-on workspace, where I got to design, lay type and make my own prints. I saw the painstaking efforts behind kerning a single word (and said a silent 'thank you' to Adobe), and experienced the satisfaction of realizing I can spell correctly in reverse. 

There's something absolutely pure about leaving the computer and getting ink under the fingernails. (I discover how wildly difficult it is to obsess over alignment–but obsess I did!)
Not Design is going to have several more working session in this next week, you can see the Workshop Schedule here.

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