Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still Hanging with Asparagus

The discovery of the May 2010 Real Simple revealed an article on 5 ways to prepare Fresh Picked Asparagus, which inspired me to spend another week with the veggie. I'm far from sick of it and as it's still plentiful at the farmer's market, I figured I better take advantage. 

Sunday it was Pasta Salad made from leftover pasta noodles, farmer's market cherry tomatoes and asparagus, and broccoli from my mother's garden. 

Monday I roasted New Potatoes with Asparagus. Seasoned with thyme.

Tuesday I feasted on Tortellini and Asparagus cooked in broth. I added corn, green onions and parmesan because I can.

Wednesday I had a lunch of crisp Asparagus Salad mixed with feta, in olive oil. I added cherry tomatoes because, again, I can. 

Ok, next week I'll stop obsessing over Asparagus. I swear. Just promise me you'll try some!!

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