Thursday, March 1, 2012

Like Peas and Carrots

Watching George Clooney @ the Oscars on Sunday, reminded me of my favorite dining table accessory: Salt + Pepper Shakers.

I don't think there's a pair quite as destined as Salt + Pepper. (not even Brangelina).

Here's some cute couples I found while meandering online.

While I think salt and pepper shakers are adorable, when was it they make their way from the kitchen to the table? And why salt and pepper and not cinnamon and tarragon?

It is rumored that salt and pepper met in 17th century France— Sugared foods had traditionally been served with salted dishes, but in the French kitchen, a salt vs. sweet divide arose. And because King Louis XIV held pepper above every other spice, the pair was bonded forever.
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If nothing else, they are the fantastic table accessory! Would look even better with George seated next to them!

*I have the matching tea pot and sugar bowl for this Miss Priss pair. One day I shall complete the set!

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