Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Pumped Up Kicks

Much like LEGO's Design byMe, other companies are presenting consumers with similar Design Your Own options. It's gone beyond monogramming, and you can now pick your own material, style, color or patterns.

Product customization options seem particularly popular in the footwear industry. Reebok, Nike, Vans and even Wolverine's own Chaco are now providing consumers with an opportunity to adapt their shoes to show their own individual taste.

Converse shoes, whose Chuck Taylors have been popular in subcultures for generations, is blowin' this trend up. On their website you can customize several of their shoe styles.
Here's my shoe creation— my how my monochromatic tendencies really shine.
While I found the user interface of Vans less finicky than Converse's, I'm more partial to the All-Stars as a shoe. Who knows, maybe my fab plaid creation here will catch on.

Just remember, you saw it here first.

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